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Why learn English in Malta?

  • English-speaking - previously a British colony, English has been an official language since 1934.
  • An EU country since 2004 and part of the Eurozone
  • More than 75,000 students study English in Malta each year.
    Comparing population size to the number of language students, Malta is the most popular country in the world to study English. This means there’s a great international student community and lots of events aimed at visiting students. The support network for students is a major part of the government policy for language tourism. The language travel industry is highly regulated by the ELT Council (the licensing body) and many schools are also accredited by professional organisations like FELTOM which ensures high standards for your students.
  • You work while you study in Malta
  • Mild climate - Over 300 days of sunshine each year Beautiful beaches and the cleanest seas in the Mediterranean
  • Unbeatable history – home to 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites (Valletta, the Neolithic temples & the Hypogeum)
  • Stunning architecture – from Medieval villages to fortified towns and Renzo Piano’s visionary new entrance to Valletta
  • Buzzing nightlife & plenty of music concerts & festivals including Isle of MTV, Lost & Found, Malta Jazz Festival
  • A living film set - the location for several blockbuster movies and TV shows
  • Delicious local food – from simple street food to fine dining, Malta offers an exotic mix of Italian, English and Arabic cuisine
  • Colourful & exciting events all year round ranging from Carnival to the Malta Grand Prix & the International Fireworks Festival
  • Relaxed Island vibe – things moved slowly in Malta & Gozo compared to other European countries – great for relaxing!
  • Unique treasures including Caravaggio’s masterpiece The Beheading of St. John (the only painting signed by the celebrated artist)
Previously a British colony, English has been an official language since 1934. 
English is the lingua franca in Malta. Signs and directions are mostly in English, everyday your students will meet people who mostly speak English. Although your students might be nervous being alone in a new country, Malta is hugely friendly. Your students can walk up to almost anyone and ask for help and they will be treated in a warm and helpful manner. Language students have been coming to Malta for more than 50 years so the Maltese population is very used to having language students around the country.

An EU country so safer and easier to travel to. 
Being a full EU member state means your students can travel safer and easier. There are several daily flight connections from all over Europe, no visa requirements for EU students and relatively straightforward study visa programmes for short term language students from outside the EU. Being an EU country means that the country has a modern infrastructure that is improving all the time. Excellent bus transport, good health and safety standards and easy access to healthcare.

Over 300 days of sunshine each year. 
Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is right on the southern edge of Europe making it sunny for almost the whole year. Waking up to sunshine and blue skies is enough to keep any language student happy they chose the right country to study in. A warn and dry climate makes life much easier and fun. Light mornings for a walk to school, sunny daytimes to enjoy lessons and free time. Warm evenings and stunning sunsets. A perfect place to combine study with leisure.

Almost 2 million tourists visit each year so perfect for a sunny vacation! 
There must be a reason why almost 2 million tourists flock to Malta every year. Tourism is Malta's largest economy so the infrastructure is ready to welcome your students. There are several seaside resorts and a wide range of accommodation types close to the school. If your students want to combine study with education leisure time, Malta is a great place for both.

What better place to learn English than sunny Malta?

  • What better place

With its beautiful climate, crystal-clear seas, friendly and hospitable people, and 6000 years of history and culture, including 160 years of British rule which have made Malta an English-speaking nation.

Behold centuries of history

  • Aerial view
  • Malta
  • Tower
  • Boat
  • Gardjola
  • Mosta's Church and Dome

Situated in the middle of the Mediterranean, just 100km south of Sicily, the Maltese islands have a rich and chequered history. Several important sea-faring powers, from the Phoenicians to the Romans, and the Knights of St. John to the British, ruled Malta at some point in history. They all left their mark on the islands' history and culture. The Neolithic temples, the Roman mosaics, the baroque churches and the magnificent fortifications built by the knights all contribute to make Malta a paradise for lovers of art, architecture and culture.

School licences & accreditations

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